Friday, 13 May 2011

A blog post full of previews!

Hello Everyone!

I thought it was about time I shared with you all what I've been working on recently. You've all been so patient waiting for me to post the shoots I've had over the past few months and I've been so busy that it has been a challenge trying to fit them all in. So this blog post will be full of little tasters of the shoots I'll be sharing with you all soon. Hope you enjoy them and expect many many more blog posts to come!

This is a behind the scenes shot of the beautiful model and make up artist (Jenny & Lyanne) from a shoot I had a few months back for an amazing little magazine. I can't share any of the final images from this shoot until the issue has been published but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as it is!

A little sneak preview of a shoot I had with the beautiful Emma. We ran around in the afternoon sun snapping photos amongst the last of the wintery branches before spring arrived. This shoot is very very nearly ready so expect a blog post with all the final images soon!

This photo is from a shoot I had with upcoming actor Sid Akbar Ali (see his website here). This shoot is fairly close to being ready to share with you all. Expect a massive blog post for this one soon due to the huge number of photos we took.

This is a sneaky little insight into the shoot I had for the Paralympics GB Boccia team. I spent a whole day running around with my camera snapping photo after photo as they trained. More from this shoot will be heading into my portfolio as soon as it is 100% finished :]

I've also got photos on the way from a mini-shoot I had with my sister one sunny evening over the Easter holidays. This is purely personal work so these won't be online until all of my client work is finished but here is a little taster of what we came up with.

Another personal shoot from the start of spring. This one is finished so expect a blog post with the rest of the photographs as soon as I have time. This was my first ever full shoot of self-portraits, so please be nice! :]

Many more photos to come soon from the shoot I had with the gorgeous Rebekah, an upcoming dancer. Her ability to pose in beautiful and elegant ways was incredible. I can't wait to share the rest of this shoot with you all!

This is a behind the scenes capture of two wonderful friends of mine, Rosie & Grace. These two gorgeous sisters agreed to shoot with me on a sunny day in the Shropshire hills. We used the shoot to showcase Rosie's fashion collection and the girls looked stunning throughout. I've banned myself from editing the rest of this shoot until some of my client work is out of the way but believe me, at the first chance I get these photos will be finished and online!

You may have seen this photo before (it was part of my 365 project) but this is from a whole day spent photographing a street party hosted by The Hive in Shrewsbury on the day of the royal wedding. There are literally thousands of photographs from this shoot which again will be shared as soon as I have a spare moment to edit them.

I really hope you like all of the little previews I've shared with you and haven't got too bored of waiting for new photos to be released. To those who are waiting for photos from shoots you were involved in - thank you so so much for being so amazingly patient, they are on their way, I promise.

I am currently in the hectic exam period at university and so I am not going to be taking on any new shoots until I finish on June 10th. However, if anyone is looking to book me for a shoot, I'll be taking bookings for June 10th onwards and I'm looking to fill my four month summer with lots of exciting photos.

So thank you all for taking the time to look through and read this. I hope to have several of the shoots published in this blog within the next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Ella Ruth xx

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