Sunday, 31 July 2011

Regal Wanders

Over Easter I teamed together with two beautiful sisters to create one of my favourite shoots so far. We spent an entire day high up in the Shropshire hills capturing photograph after photograph. Rosie and Grace Taylor were my gorgeous models. Between us we worked on the makeup and the hair before adorning the girls with beautiful clothing designed/styled by Rosie Taylor herself. We are all thrilled with how the photographs have turned out and I am so proud to be able to say that our shoot was featured in issue one of Zeum magazine. This issue and our editorial can be seen here.

Seeing as we captured so many more photos than Zeum were able to publish I thought I'd share them with you all in a blog post. Enjoy!

Photographer: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Models: Rosie Taylor & Grace Taylor
Clothing Design / Styling: Rosie Taylor
MUA: Rosie Taylor & Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Hair: Rosie Taylor
Shot in Shropshire.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Updates & Old Photos

Hello all!

I've been promising to share with you some of the adventures I've been up to lately for a while now, so here is (finally) that blog post I've been talking about!

First of all, a bit of a catch up on some of the projects I am currently working on that have been hidden from the world for a while...

Magazines & Editorials
As you may have seen, I've recently had my first editorial published in Racing Minds magazine's July issue (see it here). I'm really excited to say that there is more where that came from! Here are a few little previews of what to expect in publications to come:

Zeum Magazine
^ A behind-the-scenes shot from an editorial I shot back over Easter for the first issue of the wonderful and brand new Zeum magazine! This was certainly one of my favourite shoots. The entire team consisted of myself and Rose & Grace, two beautiful sisters. We showcased Rosie's beautiful styling and fashion designs throughout the shoot and I cannot wait to see it in the magazine!

Love Xpress Magazine
^ Editorial to come soon in Love Xpress magazine. I had a great day shooting this with model Little Twiglet, MUA/hair stylist Lyanne Cotton, assistant Aisling and accessories from the ever-beautiful Lilly Belle. Keep a lookout for it!

Illusory Magazine
^One of a small series of photos to be featured in the brand new Illusory Magazine's first issue!

Châteaux D'amours
Also keep your eyes open for the first issue of the upcoming Châteaux D'amours magazine in which one of my photographs is going to be featured!

Shops, Prints & Exhibitions
Prints of my photographs have always been available as private orders taken via email but very very soon prints of all shapes and sizes of my work will be available in a number of venues! I've listed them below but expect more detail as soon as I know dates etc.

Jo Bloodworth's Little Shop of Joy - Shrewsbury, UK
For anyone who lives in or around Shrewsbury, UK please do pop by to Jo Bloodworth's Little Shop of Joy based in the market hall soon. The shop is full of gorgeous accessories for the self and the home including beautifully hand-crafted items by the wonderful shop owner herself. Within a month she will also be stocking a hand-picked selection of my photographs as mounted prints along with taking orders for larger prints such as canvases. Keep a lookout for the launch of my prints in the Little Shop of Joy soon!

The Bird's Nest Cafe - Shrewsbury, UK
I have recently teamed up with the guys behind the amazing Bird's Nest cafe in the Shrewsbury market hall to create a series of three large prints which will be exhibited and will be up for sale in the quirky cafe itself! Again, these should be ready within a month so do pop by for a slice of their ridiculously yummy homemade cake and a peek at the photographs if you're in the area.

Audrey Grace Boutique - Jackson, Mississippi
A few weeks back I shot an exciting series of images for the upcoming Audrey Grace boutique inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and all things vintage! I worked with four beautiful models on a 10 hour shoot and teamed up with a fabulous upcoming designer and stylist, Rosie Taylor. The final photographs will be exhibited as part of an art exhibition to coincide with the opening of Jaclyn's beautiful shop in November and will also be up for sale. Exciting stuff! There will be a few little previews of the shoot to be released very soon so watch out for those. Until then I've posted below the one image we're sharing so far!

Upcoming Shoots
Alongside all of the photoshoots awaiting publication, I've got a number of new shoots in the works which I'll be capturing over the next few months. These will include a lot of work with one of my favourite designers and model Rosie Taylor (pictured above in one of her own gorgeous designs). Expect some wilder fashion shoots, my first shot at artistic implied nude and many many more editorial submissions!

Print Giveaway
My facebook photography page is slowly creeping towards the 1500 mark and I thought I'd celebrate it with a print giveaway for you all to enter. Once the page reaches 1500 I'll be officially announcing the giveaway. It will be open for anyone who is a follower of my photography page to enter if they would like to and I will draw the winners' names randomly out of a hat once the amount followers of the page reaches a certain number (yet to be decided upon). The choice of photograph to be printed will be entirely up to each winner, the choice is yours! Look out for it! :]

Finally, some long awaited photographs...
The following photographs are some that I shot with my sister one evening back over Easter. Hope you like them :]

Ella Ruth xx

Friday, 1 July 2011

Spring Awakening

All the way back in March I had a photoshoot with a team of beautiful and talented people. It was a freezing cold day with some of the heaviest rain I've ever worked in and back then the days were still getting dark when they had barely begun. It was a hard shoot to create as we were all shivering and trying our best to dodge the rain and the mud. Despite the weather making it difficult I am so happy with how the photos have turned out. Lyanne did a fantastic job with the makeup and hair, Jenny looked stunning and the clothes and accessories worked perfectly together. This has definitely been one of my favourite shoots so far. We were lucky enough to have the shoot published as a fashion editorial in the July 2011 issue of the wonderful Racing Minds magazine. The July issue can be seen here.

Anyway, enough from me. I hope you like the photos!

Photographer: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Model: Jenny Hosty
MUA & Hair Stylist: Lyanne Cotton
Clothing: Kee Boutique
Accessories: Lilly Belle
Featured in: Racing Minds, July 2011
Shot in Sheffield, Yorkshire.