Friday, 1 July 2011

Spring Awakening

All the way back in March I had a photoshoot with a team of beautiful and talented people. It was a freezing cold day with some of the heaviest rain I've ever worked in and back then the days were still getting dark when they had barely begun. It was a hard shoot to create as we were all shivering and trying our best to dodge the rain and the mud. Despite the weather making it difficult I am so happy with how the photos have turned out. Lyanne did a fantastic job with the makeup and hair, Jenny looked stunning and the clothes and accessories worked perfectly together. This has definitely been one of my favourite shoots so far. We were lucky enough to have the shoot published as a fashion editorial in the July 2011 issue of the wonderful Racing Minds magazine. The July issue can be seen here.

Anyway, enough from me. I hope you like the photos!

Photographer: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Model: Jenny Hosty
MUA & Hair Stylist: Lyanne Cotton
Clothing: Kee Boutique
Accessories: Lilly Belle
Featured in: Racing Minds, July 2011
Shot in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

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