Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kate Jackson Group, Mercury Rising & The Hot Soles

The first band I photographed live was Fight the Bear ( I was shooting backstage on the set of a friend's first feature film, Strings (Promo video here) and absent-mindedly took a few shots of the band. I think only about two photos came out the way I'd hoped for them to. I was always curious to have a proper go at live music photography, but I never found the time or the opportunity.

Earlier this week (and over a year later!) I was asked to photograph a gig at Plug, Sheffield with Kate Jackson Group and support bands Mercury Rising and The Hot Soles. Having what I consider to be almost zero experience photographing live music I was both excited and nervous to get the right shots. It was certainly very difficult, and very different to anything I have captured before. I'm used to shooting with available lighting, but the huge red-orange light beaming down on Kate throughout her set was tougher to work around than I had imagined. Out of all the photographs I took that night there are a bunch that I like (see below!) and out of those there are a few that I'm surprisingly really proud of! They most likely won't look like much to anybody who has a real love for music photography, but for my first try I am pretty pleased :] Hope you guys enjoy them!

Setting up...

The Hot Soles

Mercury Rising

Kate Jackson Group

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  1. Hi Ella, I think you've done really well. Come take some more pics of us at gigs, rehearsals or something. Get in touch,.

    Mercury Steve x