Sunday, 2 October 2011

Backstage - Audrey Grace

About a month ago I released six previews of my photographs for Audrey Grace Boutique. It was such a fun, beautiful and exhausting shoot and I've been really excited to share the backstage photos with you all ever since.

Throughout the day of the photoshoot, Rosie (our styling genius, see her work here) doubled up as a behind-the-scenes shooter. Yesterday I finally found time to sit down and go through all of the photos we took of the moments in between and during shots. Most of the photographs you see below were taken by Rosie Taylor and all were edited by me. 

Thanks to Rosie for capturing the backstage laughs we had that day! And thanks again to the wonderful team who made this shoot so much fun :] I hope you like the photos :]

Model Jenny in hair&makeup.
Model Charmaine with Rosie Taylor in hair&makeup.
Me shooting the girls in the Birds Nest cafe.
Bending health & safety slightly.
Assistant Sarah and model Charmaine watching Jenny, Emma and I shooting.
Shooting in the Antique Market, Shrewsbury.
The girls in-between shots.
Stylist Rosie adorning Emma with vintage jewellery.
A little outtake of model Emma in Poppy's Sweet Shop.
Shooting around Shrewsbury town.
Again throwing health & safety out of the window and preparing to photograph the girls sitting on the bridge.
Rosie & Emma multi-tasking a donut break with hair&makeup for the second part of the shoot.
Molly and model Charmaine in hair&makeup for the second part of the shoot.
Giggles and chatter in between shots.
Sarah and Jenny watching me shoot Charmaine & Emma in the garden.
Me shooting Jenny & Emma with the sweet-peas.
En route to our third and final location (left-right: Molly, myself, Sarah, Charmaine & Jenny).
Arriving and setting up camp at our final location.
Shooting begins again as the sun starts to set.
Pausing for the obligatory cake break.
Jenny & I heading further into the field to shoot individual portraits.
Me checking shots & Jenny making the most of the guitar!
Models Molly & Charmaine with assistant Sarah waiting for their next shot.
Me shooting Jenny on the gorgeous vintage bike (thanks again Martha!!)
Talking through ideas with Charmaine & Molly.
Some of our beautiful props!
Me shooting Charmaine against the sunset.
Me shooting Molly riding the vintage bike.
Giggles along the way.
Heading home for a much needed takeaway!

Behind-the-scenes photos by: Rosie Taylor & Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Photography & direction: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Stylist, hair & makeup: Rosie Taylor
Models: Jenny Hosty, Emma Dixon, Charmaine Friswell & Molly Cowperthwaite
Assistant: Sarah Antley
For Audrey Grace Boutique, Mississippi.
Shot in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

For my blog post with the previews of the shoot click here

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