Saturday, 12 November 2011

A revelation in the light of day

Back in March I was asked by a magazine to shoot an editorial for their next issue. The team I worked with have been wonderful ever since keeping the photographs hidden and offline while the publication date was pushed further and further away. We have now had to come to the decision to withdraw from publication as an unseen editorial, which means we can finally share the images with you! Hopefully the publication will one day go ahead (and if it does I'll be posting links all over the place for you all to see!). It is strange how far this shoot feels from my usual work, even though the only real difference was the theme, but here it is anyway. Thank you to Twiglet, Lyanne, Kate and Aisling for making the shoot what it was. Shot in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Title from 'No Light, No Light' by Florence and the Machine, because it is stuck in my head :]


And a little shot of Twiglet after the main shoot in her stunning custom made dress :]

Photography: Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Model: Little Twiglet
MUA & Hair Stylist: Lyanne Cotton
Accessories: Lilly Belle
Assistant: Aisling Jao
Styled by the team, including a Jo Bloodworth dress.

See the backstage blog post of this shoot here: