Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January 2012, in pictures


So basically I've been missing my 365 project A LOT. I won't have time to do a new one for a while, but I've still been documenting just about everything with my camera and I thought I'd attempt to release a little blog post of the random pictures I've taken at the end of each month. This is the first one :]

Hope you like it!

Den building on New Years Day with Eve.

Rainy train journeys.

Totty and an elephant.

Rosie Taylor & Jenny Hosty backstage at a shoot for Helen Foot Design.

Much needed post-shoot hot chocolate :]

Rediscovering childhood toys. Meet "sock thing"!

Quiet evening out at The Armoury with family.

Brian in his favourite spot on the landing.

My dad shooting photos in the woodland. More to come from this day soon.

Bradgate Park, Leicester in the evening sun.

The allotments.

Journey back to Sheffield at sunset.

A wintery walk and wading through the rapids to get to a rope swing :D

The beginning of the sunset from a rock in the hills.

Lots more photos to come very soon! x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Audrey Grace Boutique - The Final Eleven

Back in the summer of 2011 a team of wonderful people and I created a shoot to be displayed in Audrey Grace Boutique. These are the final eleven photographs which were kept hidden until the boutique's opening in December. Hope you love them as much as we did!

Click here for updates about Audrey Grace or here to see the boutique's blog.

For the rest of the photographs from this shoot click here

Photography & Direction - Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Styling, Hair & MUA - Rosie Taylor
Models - Emma Dixon, Jenny Hosty, Charmaine Friswell & Molly Cowperthwaite
For Audrey Grace Boutique.
Shot in Shrewsbury, England.

A few little shots Jaclyn of Audrey Grace took of our photographs on display: