Sunday, 5 February 2012

Birds of a Feather


Photography & Direction - Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite
Stylist - Rosie Taylor
MUA & Hair Stylist - Nixi Gunn
Models - Ina Fischer & Katherine Salt
Assistant - Raihanna Jay
Shot in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Backstage & Outtakes

Nixi working on hair & makeup with Katherine

Our amazing makeshift tent to shelter from the wind and rain!

Katherine battling with the wind and the crown!

Rosie wrapped up in as many items of clothing as she could find, suggesting poses

Rosie the photo-bomber!

Raihan shooting backstage.

Ina trapped in the brambles.

Rosie & Nixi trying to keep warm with layers and blankets!

Team shot to end the day with! 


  1. these are absolutely wonderful! and you have my appreciation - it must have been freezing! poor models, but also poor you. :)
    the last photo of the pro-set is brilliant. and the last photo of backstage is cute - the whole team captured forever.

  2. wow, amazing photos. i love this specific climate

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! fantastic job :D I especially love the second picture down, where the model is wrapped up in her coat and peeking out... Really inspiring L-