Thursday, 1 March 2012

February 2012, in pictures

Spontaneous walk through little Peak District towns.

 Behind the scenes silliness and a final photo from my latest photo day with Nathalie Donado.

Reunited with my old flatmates on a rainy evening.

Valentines day picnic on a rock on a hillside with Eve.

Eve's muddy hand after falling over.

View from one of my favourite shoot locations.

The donkey we named Eddie.

 Choosing prints for a mini portfolio with Molly.

Lunch out with Molly the weekend she came to stay.

Post-shoot shot of the sisters :]

 Feeding squirrels in the last of the snow.

 Daffodils from Dawn :]

Beautiful windows from an evening of drinks in Leicester.

Reunited with my kittens for a weekend.

Meal out with family.

A much needed cake session with Aisling.

The lamps I fell in love with, in a French cafe.


  1. photographs in print always look so amazing don't they! I should do a printed portfolio up to.
    Lovely sum up of February :)

  2. love this! you take so pretty everyday-photos :)