Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May 2012, In Pictures

The most amazing cocktails ever.

Squirrel feeding with Eve.

 Photographers' picnic in Hyde Park, London.

 Food, drinks & card tournaments with Patrick at his London abode.

 Festival fashion shoot for S1 Magazine with Amber Gamble & Nathalie Donado

 Summer evening in a park with Eve.

Pro gay marriage image for S1 Magazine.

 Hillside picnics

The dog who stole our cake.

Getting through my supply of revision-survival cookies and cakes from Jenny and Eve.

 Free Ben&Jerrys and Eve's doodles on my hand.

Decorating Eve's hair with clovers

 Sunset barbeque.

My cover for Her Sister's Voice by Lesley Cheetham.


  1. You get a sort of calming enchanted mood when seeing these. Its brilliant to catch such wonderful times to keep as memories and share. Thank you for that. Beautiful:)

  2. I'm following you now <3 <3 <3 Love your work!