Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July 2012, In Pictures

The beginning of The Chair Project.

Frustrated cat who hates the rain & the rain drenched garden

Leaving Shrewsbury for Norwich on a rainy afternoon.

 Cheesy matching handmade bracelets and being reunited with Wonka's Nerds

 Mayor's parade in Norwich

Nature rambles with Eve

Inventing cocktails with a beautiful bottle of Chambord

 Beach day with Eve

 Bored snapshots from Birmingham New Street

Exam failure spirit-lifting

Molly & Hanna backstage and a preview from our fairy shoot.

 Lazy self portrait & a rainy window view

 Cherries from our garden and Pip sleeping in the shade of a plant pot

 Elmo backstage shooting and the amazing cookies she made

Elmo, Charmaine & Molly backstage at our Audrey Grace shoot.

One of the first slightly eccentric people I've spotted in Sheffield - a man dancing and greeting strangers whilst wearing a lobster suit.

Glitter-filled water balloons

The view from our hillside rock & an olive feast

Bus ride through the Peaks and a preview of my shoot with Nathalie & Liam

Nathalie photographing Liam in the Peaks

 Little Twiglet & Molly backstage at our shoot in the market hall, Shrewsbury

The summer shoot essential icy drink & a preview of my shoot with Little Twiglet, Molly C & Wysteria Lane.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Oddeyes Gems

Jewellery - Oddeyes Gems
Styling - Rosie Taylor
Makeup & Hair - Molly Cowperthwaite
Models - Grace Taylor, Charmaine Friswell & Harriet Pugh
Shot in Shrewsbury, England.


Image above by Charmaine Friswell.