Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July 2012, In Pictures

The beginning of The Chair Project.

Frustrated cat who hates the rain & the rain drenched garden

Leaving Shrewsbury for Norwich on a rainy afternoon.

 Cheesy matching handmade bracelets and being reunited with Wonka's Nerds

 Mayor's parade in Norwich

Nature rambles with Eve

Inventing cocktails with a beautiful bottle of Chambord

 Beach day with Eve

 Bored snapshots from Birmingham New Street

Exam failure spirit-lifting

Molly & Hanna backstage and a preview from our fairy shoot.

 Lazy self portrait & a rainy window view

 Cherries from our garden and Pip sleeping in the shade of a plant pot

 Elmo backstage shooting and the amazing cookies she made

Elmo, Charmaine & Molly backstage at our Audrey Grace shoot.

One of the first slightly eccentric people I've spotted in Sheffield - a man dancing and greeting strangers whilst wearing a lobster suit.

Glitter-filled water balloons

The view from our hillside rock & an olive feast

Bus ride through the Peaks and a preview of my shoot with Nathalie & Liam

Nathalie photographing Liam in the Peaks

 Little Twiglet & Molly backstage at our shoot in the market hall, Shrewsbury

The summer shoot essential icy drink & a preview of my shoot with Little Twiglet, Molly C & Wysteria Lane.


  1. Wonderful photos, such a pleasure to look through :)

  2. i love your monthly posts. mmm. going to copy.

    ps. ha at that photo of me shooting liam :)

  3. Oh, the chair project is intriguing! And your cat is beautiful.

  4. these were all so lovely! i enjoyed browsing through your photographs!

  5. loved the first picture, and the cat and flowers and oh everything!


  6. so many wonderful photos. looks like an amazing month!


  7. so gorgeous images! i love the one of the make-up pallet and the Nathalie photographing Liam in the Peaks

  8. Wow, beautiful photos. I love the first one, it's so dreamy.