Sunday, 1 July 2012

June 2012, In Pictures

 Waiting for trains after the last exam.

 The beautiful tents at the Hay festival.

Family walks through the hills surrounding Hay.

 Rainy evening cocktails with Eve.

The tram ride to the station to meet Rosie.

Preview of the androgynous shoot Rosie and I put together.

 A casual evening of cider and pictures with Nathalie and Rosie in our new cemetery location.

Preview of my images of Rosie and Nathalie.

An indoor Pimms picnic with the uni crowd on a rainy evening.

 Pre-morning-shoot essentials and backstage shots of my shoot with Rosie & Amy.

Preview of my shoot with Rosie & Amy.

 Backstage shot of Nixi & Rosie & a preview of our editorial with COW vintage for S1 magazine.

Post-shoot team shot.

The rainy view from a tapas escape with Aisling.

 The view from Aisling's window and card towers & tournaments before we each headed away for the summer.

Preview from a little candid shoot with Nathalie.

Preview from my last shoot with Ina before her summer & year abroad.

 Stormy skies and Nikki and Sarah powering through the makeup regardless.

The team befriending a dog mid-shoot.

Preview of my shoot with Nathalie, Nikki, Jack, Sarah and Inherited Sheffield.

 The train journey back to Shrewsbury.

 Preview of my shoot for Oddeyes Gems and a backstage shot captured by Charmaine.

 Lunch and a catch up with Molly and Jo.

 The rainy train journey to Leicester.

 Molly writing me notes on the train and our soaked feet after walking to the station in a downpour.

 Reunited with our Leicester kittens.

Trip to Roma Cafe Bar for dad's birthday.

Wanders to the shop to buy ingredients for dad's birthday meal.

Molly writing a "menu".

 Trip to the allotment with dad & Molly.

 A day in Cambridge with Eve.

Cocktails by the water and a train journey home as the sun set.

An afternoon photographing abandoned & run-down buildings with dad.

Walks by the canal and post-walk drinks at Natterjacks.

Molly & Hanna finishing around 15th in the Race For Life.

My beautiful signed copy of Her Sister's Voice written by my friend with my photograph on the cover.

 Brunch and shoot planning with Molly & Jo.

Location scouting and a trip to The Bird's Nest with Molly and Jo.

One of Pip's latest victims.

An afternoon exploring the shops of Church Stretton.

The sky view on the way home from a meal out with family and friends.


  1. Beautiful tapestry, Ella Ruth. Would that be Eve in the white lace?

  2. Your everyday photos are often some of my favourites! Gorgeous as always :)

  3. Do you use PhotoShop or another one?

  4. I just admire every single one of your pictures!! :)

  5. Looking at your photos feels a little bit like traveling :)

  6. Those are really amazing photos. I love them. Mostly those from the station and the festival. Great!

  7. Oh my you're so talented. It would be such an honor if you'd like to visit my blog ♥ lots of love