Saturday, 1 September 2012

August 2012, In Pictures

Evening wanders around Shrewsbury

 A picnic in the hills

Cocktails & lovehearts with Eve & Lu

 Building our wigwam

A late night stare-off between the cats

 The revision den and the cloudy journey back to Shrewsbury post-exams

 Trip to the beautiful farm shop

 The Summer Sundae music festival

 Sleepy Brian

Homemade chocolate brownies & icecream 

 Collecting sweet-peas from Richard's garden

 Richard's jars of homemade honey and the evening light in his kitchen

Tea in Richard's greenhouse-turned-dining room

Cycling around Lake Vyrnwy

Testing the light with Eilish.

 The beautiful tables in a Lebanese restaurant


  1. Lovely photos Ella! August was good to you photo wise! The leaf wigwam thing you made is so great! :D

  2. These pictures are all so lovely, looks like you had a sweet August. Every little thing looks inspiring through your camera, I'm impressed!

  3. Sleepy Brian and evening light in your kitchen are such a lovely moments captured by such a lovely soul :)