Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September 2012, In Pictures

A little preview from a shoot with Becky

Two days in London with Eve

Cocktails in a rooftop garden in Camden
Mini wigwam building on a hillside and creating finger creatures with Lu.

Venturing into the scary world of self-portraits on an autumnal afternoon.

Breakfast with Jo.

Rainbow pasta to celebrate our first week in the flat.

 Rainy wanders to the hills with Eve.

Our rain-drenched boots and Malibu ice lollies

Creating a Chair Project picture with Eve.

Nathalie Donado shooting Elly Lucas on the outskirts of Derbyshire and the thundery view from Elly's car window.

 A bit of post-shoot cat love with Nathalie.

A little preview from mine and Nathalie's silliest shoot yet!


  1. love the colors :))

  2. I really love your photos. Last is the best:DDD