Sunday, 4 November 2012

October 2012, In Pictures

Home baked cookies

 Squirrel feeding with Eve.

A preview from Nathalie's birthday shoot with Stevie.

 The glittery chocolate cupcakes Eve baked.

Train journey to London

 Sleepy Eve and the sky from the train window.

 Beautiful soaps in Camden

 Drinks in a gorgeous little rooftop pub garden in Camden

 Driving through Oxfordshire

 The sunset through split ends & fingers on the train ride back to Sheffield.

A preview of an autumnal shoot with Stevie & Nathalie.

Snaps of strangers around Sheffield.

Cocktails with Eve at our new favourite bar.

 Autumnal walks with Eve.

 A foggy train ride back to Shropshire.

 The wintery evening drive through Wales.

A day in Aberdovey.

 Pip in her favourite cupboard

Molly and Pip.

 Sarah Gray working her magic on Lanty Zhang for Nathalie Donado.

A preview of my latest shoot with the beautiful Jenny Hosty.


  1. I love your blog, especially this post. Your photos totally capture the beauty of autumn, the beautiful colours and movement. Thank you so much for sharing your misty captures with us <3

  2. oh, your october looked really nice! :)