Monday, 4 February 2013

January 2013, In pictures

Champagne & nibbles to bring in the New Year!

Fireworks in the garden just past midnight

A flooded Shrewsbury street.
Evening wanders to the overflowing river with family

An afternoon in Attingham Park
The trees in Attingham Park through digital and through film.

My scruffy boots vs Eve's shiny Doc Martins & Eve cartwheeling

A smashed window at Henry Tudor House

Eve's colourful hair on a rainy walk

Pony feeding with Eve

Swans on the flooded river Severn

A sleepy Jones.

A preview of my most recent shoot with Nathalie Donado, our first in Leicester

Escaping the from the cold post-shoot to a cafe with pretty lights & windows

A garden visitor

Nathalie Donado on the cover of Lesley Cheetham's Her Other Voice (my second book cover)

Flowers from Eve :]

A blurry self portrait on the morning I lost my remote

Snowman building

Snowy rooftops in Sheffield

Fancy cocktails with Eve to celebrate our one year anniversary! 

Icy walks around Sheffield


  1. Wah I'm always obsessed with seeing your 'every day life' photos. I love how your photos always look so dreamy and lovely.

  2. last time i'm in one of your monthly posts :(

  3. I think the one thing I adore about your style the most is that they make you /feel/ like you're actually in the UK with you. So amazing <3 xo