Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February 2013, In Pictures

Here it is! The usual monthly blog post. I have to warn you all though, this was the month in which I was cat-sitting...!

The rainy car journey back from Sheringham, Norfolk.

Eve with her new Kindle on the train.

Very similar to a photo from last month - it seems that Jones has officially adopted my bed as his own!

Waiting for the tram in a very snowy Sheffield.

The train journey through the sunny snow-capped hills back to Shropshire.

Behind the scenes at my shoot with the brilliant team at Francesco Group Newport (photo above captured on my phone).

The cat-sitting begins. Pip and Totty waited by the door expecting their mum to come home.

The sad victim of one of the cats.

So much cuteness.

Attention-seeking cats during my shoot with Charmaine in the garden.

A preview of my shoot with the ever-gorgeous Charmaine Friswell! This was also my first real attempt at make up...

Exploring and sleeping. A pretty accurate summary of my little pals.

Sarah Gray putting flowers in Paula Carausu's hair for our lovely little fashion shoot in Sheffield's Winter Gardens. Preview below!

Beautiful wrapping on a gift from my mother's travels to Marrakech.

Sewing for the first time in years. The moon garden cushion I made for Eve's 21st on the (this time non-existant) leap year day :]


  1. That photo with the two cats on the armchair is enchantingly eerie!

  2. those cats really are too cute! almost as cute as mine ;)
    and the sewing you did looks simply awesome. I think doing something like this is quite difficult and you did great.
    Have a nice day,