Monday, 1 April 2013

March 2013, In Pictures

Train trip to Manchester

My very foggy 21st birthday!

Attempting a colourful photo day with the gorgeous Elly Lucas in a colour-starved snow-filled world...

Aaaand one of my favourites of Elly's shot of me! Head on over to her blog post to see the rest click click :]

Silversmithing workshop in Birmingham (keep an eye out for a blog post about this soon!)

Mum's 50th birthday celebrations!

Back in Shrewsbury for a few days and the cats discovered how much fun they could have on the conservatory roof

Lunch at Marmadukes, Sheffield with the super duper brilliant Serena Pirredda of Elle Photography!

My first snap of Serena & a couple of Serena's first snaps of me (below) - see more of her beautiful work here

Nerdy treats to self - new lens caps and a new remote

A favourite from one of this month's client shoots - the ever-so-lovely musical theatre performer Rebeka Thompson

Celebrating the arrival of my new lens with a few self portraits

Chocolate-nest-baking with Sophie - definitely the best way to spend Easter Sunday


  1. i'd like to eat few muffins of yours <3 they look delicious ever raw... where's the final result?

    1. Aww thanks! Those are actually cornflake nests (chilled in the fridge rather than baked) so that pretty much is the final result!

  2. Wow, your self portraits are so beautiful! (And the rest of your photographs for that matter!)

  3. beautiful! lovely self-portraits, I really need to perfect the art of self-portraiture! ♥

  4. Your work is really amazing, wonderful pictures and colors *-* i loved.