Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kensington Gardens

On a recent trip to London with an afternoon to spare, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Serena Pirredda of Elle Photography and Cansu Özkaraca of Cansu O. Photography for a little photo day in Kensington Gardens. In traditional English Spring style we were treated to chilly air and sporadic showers of rain but nevertheless it was a great shoot :] We took turns to snap photos of each other amongst fountains and blossom trees, throwing our coats on and off between shots in an attempt to keep warm. Once we'd wrapped up shooting for the day, Serena and I went on a bit of an adventure around London, cafe-hopping and (after getting fairly lost!) browsing through the British Museum. Lots of love to Serena & Cansu for a lovely afternoon!

And rather a lot of backstage & candid shots from throughout the day! ...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Reigning Of The Moth - a short film by Katie Eleanor

To those of you who don't yet know of Katie Eleanor's work: she is a magician. Katie creates images which blur the boundaries of photography and art into something that is entirely her own. Each picture has a tale to tell and there is something so hauntingly beautiful about the scenes she creates. All in all, I've been pretty much in awe of Katie's art ever since I first stumbled across it a few years back so when a casting call for her first short film appeared on facebook I jumped at the chance to get involved!

 A month and several emails later I was on a train to London. The timing was perfect. My friend Nathalie (who, as luck would have it, was also due to be a part of Katie's film) had just moved there and we we decided to make a weekend of it. On a chilly (major understatement) December morning Nathalie and I headed across London to meet Katie and the rest of her team. Excited doesn't even cover it.

We set up camp by a giant overturned tree on Hampstead Heath. Turning ourselves into witch-like creatures was the first task and with the help of long black dresses, hand-made hats and rather a lot of black & white face-paint we were soon looking pretty damn fine! With a rather fancy old camera Katie filmed her witches & spirit dancing around smoke bombs, standing amongst the branches of the giant dead tree and sewing through taxidermy wings. We certainly captured the attention of many passers-by that day!

The finished film is stunning. Really, truly stunning. You can fall in love with it & see Katie's stills from the day here

Time for my backstage pictures!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April 2013, In Pictures

Backstage at my first client shoot of the month with Sarah Gray

Pretty Audrey wearing clothing by Becca Hemans. 

Reunited with the Leicester kittens & family

A rainy photo day in Kensington Gardens with Serena Pirredda and Cansu Özkaraca during my trip to London to shoot Lesley Cheetham's new book cover

A preview from a shoot with Sarah Gray, Amy Bickerstaffe & Paula Carausu - keep a lookout for the full set very soon!

Self portraits

The MP3 flash mob experiment at The University of Sheffield

Yet another train journey - through the cloudy Peak District headed for Shropshire.

Afternoons in the garden with the cats

Pretty Shrewsbury rooftops on a sunny evening

Totty - getting quite used to being my model!

Sunny walks by the river Severn.

The moon & a mirror self portrait in the bright evening light.

Comedy music evening at The Hive with Professor Elemental.

Rainy walks by the river & board games with family

Snapshots of our stormy garden through the window

Pip & my reflection

Pretty windows snapped during a cake trip with Jo Bloodworth at the Old Market Hall while we discussed our latest creative adventure

Making friends with beautiful rabbits & my (probably over-worn) tiger necklace

Colourful garden details

A portrait of my cat, ever so slightly concealed by the rug she likes to wear.

My first overseas collaboration with Nathalie Donado. Portraits of Molly.

Hail against a garden tree & our our very disappointed cat

Pretty Shrewsbury streets and - finally - blossom!

Lovely evening light & lunch out with Sophie back in Sheffield

Early evening light through branches & blossoms.