Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Reigning Of The Moth - a short film by Katie Eleanor

To those of you who don't yet know of Katie Eleanor's work: she is a magician. Katie creates images which blur the boundaries of photography and art into something that is entirely her own. Each picture has a tale to tell and there is something so hauntingly beautiful about the scenes she creates. All in all, I've been pretty much in awe of Katie's art ever since I first stumbled across it a few years back so when a casting call for her first short film appeared on facebook I jumped at the chance to get involved!

 A month and several emails later I was on a train to London. The timing was perfect. My friend Nathalie (who, as luck would have it, was also due to be a part of Katie's film) had just moved there and we we decided to make a weekend of it. On a chilly (major understatement) December morning Nathalie and I headed across London to meet Katie and the rest of her team. Excited doesn't even cover it.

We set up camp by a giant overturned tree on Hampstead Heath. Turning ourselves into witch-like creatures was the first task and with the help of long black dresses, hand-made hats and rather a lot of black & white face-paint we were soon looking pretty damn fine! With a rather fancy old camera Katie filmed her witches & spirit dancing around smoke bombs, standing amongst the branches of the giant dead tree and sewing through taxidermy wings. We certainly captured the attention of many passers-by that day!

The finished film is stunning. Really, truly stunning. You can fall in love with it & see Katie's stills from the day here

Time for my backstage pictures!


  1. Ooh thats me! It was so lovely meeting you that day Ella!
    La Luna Blog
    Ellie Betts x

  2. Looks like a big adventure! I love the horse-kiss-photo! ;)