Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer begins

If you've been following mine or Elly Lucas' work you'll likely be familiar with our complaints of awful luck with the weather for pretty much every photo day we've had. With this in mind, we were so surprised with the bright sunshine that appeared in time for our last Northern shoot before I moved back down to Shropshire! This time we climbed up a hill (still jealous that Elly has this kind of scenery right on her doorstep!) and spent an afternoon running through the trees seeking out patches of shade to take pictures in. After a few near-flashes at strangers (we're clearly not as used to wearing summery dresses as we'd like to think!) and one or two occasions of me nearly falling out of a tree we called it a day and headed to Elly's gorgeous garden to bond with Hudson dog and natter while the sun began to disappear. Thank you Elly for such a lovely day - bring on our next adventure!

Isn't she stunning? Her pictures are too. Go take a look at Elly's snaps from our summery photo day here!

And now for a few backstage shots!
The wind got the better of our hair