Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Regal Collection

If you've been following my work for a while you may well be familiar with a shoot I captured two winters back for Helen Foot's beautifully luxurious handwoven scarves. We spent a day wandering around Shrewsbury creating images of three models wearing The Festival Collection in front of buildings, walls and tiles. 

A few weeks back it was time to shoot Helen's second lookbook - so here it is! The scarves featured in these images are from Helen's brand new venture The Regal Collection. This time we began shooting outside Shrewsbury Castle and ended up in a beautiful garden with a rather grand armchair (aka The Throne!). Helen got creative and adorned various plants & bushes with brightly coloured roses; Richard captured backstage footage, and a local cat tried to sneak into the background during the throne pictures. All in all, a lovely shoot!

Head over to Helen's facebook page to see more of the photos and to her website to learn more about her beautiful scarves!

A few extras we shot for Helen's Festival Collection

Models: Ellen Jacks, Christophe Dillinger & Daisy Pooley-Tolkien
Scarves: Helen Foot Design

Time for the backstage shots!


  1. Darling Ella, these photographs are absolutely marvellous. I am so proud of you and everything you are doing for your passion - it's so motivating. My favourite photograph (I love all of them but this particular one caught my eye and took my breath away) is the 6th one. The model, as I said on DeviantArt, is a gorgeous soul and the focus + scarf + bokeh just give me good shivers, the ones you get when you see something incredibly positive. Please keep on going you lovely lady, you inspire the world!

  2. These images are so beautiful. All your work is just so magical, the throne in the middle of the flowers - perfect! I also recognise Christophe, he came into my university to do a talk about his magazine. Lovely man. Keep doing what you're doing, you do it really well.

    Lindsey. x

  3. Very beautiful!
    My favorite is the last one before those extra photos. Very lovely!!

  4. Great set of pictures! Really like these intense, vibrant colors. And those scarves - oh I could have one! Or two maybe :)