Monday, 5 August 2013

July 2013, In Pictures

Evening light through the trees & a preview from Sasha Liu's lookbook modelled by Chelsea Edge

Befriending cats
Snaps from a day exploring Shropshire

Betty, one of the rabbits at The Garden Studio

Teddy shopping for a friend's new baby
The forest of sweet peas I brought home after a shoot & a preview from spontaneous shoot with Eilish  

Fruit growing in the garden

A preview of what Frankie Enticknap and I got up to on our photo day!
Pretty buildings in Leicester city centre
Brian and the butterfly he brought home


  1. all of these are so beautiful and precious <3

  2. so beautiful! and the colours in your photos are just always amazing! <3

  3. so many pretty moments! life seems to be peaceful by your side.

  4. Love your pictures, I also like your blog! : )