Friday, 15 November 2013


Over the summer the brilliant Frankie Enticknap hopped on a train to Leicester for an afternoon of picture taking in the botanical gardens, scone eating & getting ever so slightly lost in the city streets! I'll never tire of photo days with other photographers - there is something so inspiring about getting to know new people and nerding out together. Go check out Frankie's work if you like colourful pictures, beautiful concepts & pretty video type bits too! I cannot wait for another adventure with this beautiful girl!

Here are my favourite snaps from the day.

Aaaand one of my faves of Frankie's photos of me (this girl has mad skillz!) - more can be seen on her facebook page


  1. i really just want to meet you both! There are wonderful! :)

  2. Ahh these photos are so incredibly beautiful, wow.

  3. wow these are stunning !! <3 <3