Monday, 11 November 2013

October 2013, In Pictures

October began with a cosy autumnal photo day in the Shropshire hills with the beautiful Elly Lucas!

Reunited with friends in Sheffield (and with our favourite Northern cake place)

A walk to the edge of Sheffield under a drizzly pink sky

A cloudy bus journey through the Peak District to Castleton!

The Castleton cat, mid-snuggle.

A shoot in the Botanical Gardens with Sarah Gray & Ghazel Etoum

A pretty dazzling sunset snapped during the journey back to Shropshire

Several days of rain = grumpy cats

Raindrops through a window in the early hours of the morning.

Leicester botanical gardens

'Sculpture in the Garden' exhibition in Leicester

And finally, fluffy cat was not too impressed by halloween.


  1. these are really really lovelly, ella! :) xx

  2. Those are lovely images, especially I love the "Raindrops through a window" :)

  3. Beautiful, Ella! The landscape are amazing! And I really appreciated the cats' pictures ;) October seems to have been a wonderfull month!

  4. I always love your photos of landscapes. They are magical!!

  5. oh amazing pictures - i love the light and those wonderful colors in all of your pics. <3 love them
    greets. Monika

  6. I love your pictures,the are so energic,with so amazing colours. And cats on your photos- fablulous. <3

  7. In love with the picture of the glasshouse, the place looks magical!
    And all these moments are filled with a so pretty atmosphere.
    Lovely cats <3