Sunday, 17 November 2013


At the start of the summer I had an email from a beautiful girl & talented photographer, Raihan. She'd lost touch with photography and fancied shooting together in the hopes it would reignite her creative passion once more. We set up a photo day and headed to Sheffield's botanical gardens, which was pretty inevitable - the gardens are so full of colour and just what you need for a photo day! As per usual on my shoots it rained (my cue to jump up and down with excitement because the light is so gorgeous on rainy days), leaving the gardens pretty much empty for us to run wild in. Raihan endured a bee sting (this is becoming something of a tradition now. Uh oh!) and we wandered around chatting and shooting until it was time for Raihan's train home. Thank you for a lovely day, Raihan - I hope you're feeling more inspired than ever to take pictures! :]

The gardens may have been fairly empty, but we weren't without spectators...

And here is one of my favourites of Raihan's shots of me. If you haven't yet do check out her blog and facebook page. I for one cannot wait to see my newsfeed filled with whatever she creates next!