Tuesday, 24 December 2013


During Elly's visit to Shrewsbury we decided that October 1st wasn't too early to crack out the antlers and go festive photo mad in my garden. Here are the results...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And then things got a little silly...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Rainy days

Make up & Styling: Sarah Gray
Model: Ghazel Etoum


Make up in the car, sheltering from the icy rain

The greenhouse roof through a steamed up lens

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Red Berries

Over the past year, I've been lucky enough to get to know the utterly lovely Elly Lucas through a series of  (usually chilly) photo days and meet ups across Yorkshire. This Autumn we tried something a little different... dressing in weather-appropriate attire! Being able to actually feel our fingers & toes during our first Shropshire shoot was ever so slightly surreal! Amongst Elly's knitwear collection were some amaaaazing pieces created by her talented mother (including the grey jumper in this shoot - Mrs Lucas has mad skills, I tell you!!). Picture time...!

And here is one of my faves of Elle's snaps of me. Yay!

Friday, 6 December 2013

London Flickr Group 2013

Back in September I spent a day in London with a group of some of the most talented and lovely creatives around. We photographed and picnicked in London parks until the light began to disappear and our cameras were full to the brim. Thank you to Stephen Maycock for organising the gathering and thank you to everyone who made it a beautiful day :] Hope to see you all again soon! On with the pictures!

Katya Schulz

Melissa Gandhi

Celeste Abrahams

Alia Hassan

Kieron Dickson

Frankie Enticknap

David Hyde

Ellie Burd

Victoria Nevland

Georgina Hopkin

Stephen Maycock

Simon McCheung

Cansu Ozkaraca

Malene Aamodt