Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November 2013, In Pictures

As far as picture-taking goes, November has been a quiet month. Both my laptop and my camera were out of action for a few weeks so sadly this month's blog post is going to be relatively short! To make up for it (or to cheat, depending) I'm putting some of this month's instagram snaps at the bottom. Enjoy! :]

Wanders through Carding Mill Valley

Still obsessing over Autumnal colours

Church Stretton and the moon

And a few from instagram - a particularly unlucky scrabble game, apple crumble baking at midnight, red houses reflected in the river Severn and wintery trees from a train window en route to Leicester.

Next month's blog post will be much fuller, I promise!!


  1. My favourite is the one with the out-of-focus tree. Beautiful bokeh!

  2. Short but stunning. The first photo is gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful landscapes! Autumnal colours are so beautiful, even more through your camera.